About us

RTK Technologies owns the manufacturing plant and all of our staff are our own employees, which in turn enables us to have control over the quality and cost of production from start to finish, and are able to serve you and your needs in the best way possible by passing along savings to our customers.

Best in Class Trailer Parts and Axle Parts

At RTK Technologies, our goal is not just to distribute quality Trailer and Axle Parts  – our everyday goal is to produce and distribute quality Trailer and Axle Parts that are the top of the line in our industry.

We select only the finest materials and use the most effective production processes. We also ensure we have skilled engineers and technicians on our team to produce and deliver the Best in Class products.

In our industry, RTK Technologies is a fairly young business even with 20 years of experience under our belt; but have been around long enough to know what we are doing and know what our customer’s needs and wants are. We are also young enough to have the desire and eagerness to do everything we can to be the best at what we do.


about-imageMost Competitive Prices & First-Class Customer Service

RTK Technologies focuses on being able to provide Best in Class Quality, while controlling our entire production process from start to finish, it enables us to take out any unnecessary costs out of the equation and we are able to pass the savings along to you. While other companies might find it necessary to cut corners on quality to offer lower prices, our goal is to offer you the Best in Class quality products with competitive prices.

Unlike other companies who do not have control over their products they do not manufacture, they also do not have control of delivery; RTK Technologies has the ability to control all of the above. We have a driven team that is second to none in serving the need of our customers nationwide. We ship same day or next day.

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